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Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

"You may be surprised to learn that despite its name, the long island iced… More

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IZZE Sparkling Orange

Easy mixed drink recipes rarely taste as good as this recipe, one of the… More

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Bourbon Cherry Smash

"Bourbon Cherry Smash is a magnificent cocktail sipper you'll enjoy… More

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Smashing Pumpkin

Well, I bet the name of this recipe got your attention! No, it has nothing… More

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Easy Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita

"A twist on a classic, this Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita Recipe is quick… More

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Chocolate Almond Kiss

Chocolate dessert recipes are always a good thing, and the fact that this… More

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The Rembrandt Cocktail

The Rembrandt Cocktail is light and refreshing making it perfect to enjoy… More

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Layered Spiderman Cocktail

"So, you want to make a drink to celebrate the new Spiderman movie? Or… More

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Easy Raspberry Margaritas

"There is nothing quite like a Raspberry Margarita. Raspberries are… More

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Autumn Side Car Wine tail

When looking for easy drink recipes you must add this one to your menu.… More

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IZZE Rhumba

This mixed drink recipe tastes so good, it should be the most popular… More

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Earl Grey Cocktail

This cocktail recipe for an Earl Grey Martini is fast and easy to follow.… More

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Gold Rush Cocktail

"The Gold Rush Cocktail is a beautifully sweet mixture that is so easy to… More

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Apple Cider Moscow Mule

"I love a standard Moscow Mule but I wanted to put a seasonal twist to the… More

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Pineapple Cherry Crush Cocktail

"You are going to love this Pineapple Cherry Crush Cocktail. It is so easy… More

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