Halloween White Chocolate Eyeballs

"Scary Halloween eyeballs made from white chocolate ganache and red slime.… More

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Creepy bloodshot eyeball cookies

"Looking for a Halloween party recipe? Make a bunch of Halloween eyeball… More

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Cranberry Oatmeal White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

"Cranberries, oatmeal and white chocolate are in perfect harmony here.… More

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Peppermint Hot Chocolate Poke Cake

This festive holiday dessert is the perfect addition to your Christmas… More

(1 Votes) 20 Min

Chocolate Fudge Frosting

This Homemade fluffy chocolate fudge frosting is super simple to make and… More

(1 Votes) 10 Min

Mocha Frappe (Cold Coffee)

"Mocha frappe provides you with the pleasure of caffeine and the delight… More

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Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie Mousse Trifle

"Want luscious, creamy layered deliciousness to serve your guests and… More

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Cookies and Cream Popcorn

"This Cookies and Cream Popcorn is an easy sweet treat thats ready in less… More

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Berries and Amaretti Cheesecake

"This berries and amaretti cheesecake has to be my all time favorite… More

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Golden Oreo Rainbow Bark

For a fun, bright, and colorful dessert recipe idea, try this Golden Oreo… More

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Chocolate Swirl Fudge

"Chocolate Swirl Fudge is a simple three ingredient chocolate fudge recipe… More

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Cardamom and Rose Hot White Chocolate

"White Chocolate is infused with Eastern flavours and made into a drink to… More

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Slow Cooker Pumpkin Caramel White Hot Chocolate

"This Slow Cooker Pumpkin Caramel White Hot Chocolate is a deliciously… More

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White Chocolate Puppy Chow

"White Chocolate Puppy Chow (Muddy Buddies) are crunchy and sweet, made… More

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White Hot Chocolate with Stormtrooper Marshmallows

May the Force be with you! More importantly, may this amazing White Hot… More

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