4-Ingredient Dump and Go Russian Chicken

Dinner doesn't get much easier than this. With this ultra simple… More

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Slow Cooker Russian Chicken

When you need a chicken recipe that tastes great but takes little effort… More

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Russian Cottage Cheese Pancakes Recipe

"These Cottage Cheese Pancakes come straight from Russia and are called… More

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Matushka's Russian Chicken

Its time to turn your dinner menu up a notch. Ditch that boring old… More

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Traditional Russian Breakfast

"Russian Breakfast is truly a unique experience. It features savory and… More

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Vodka Cookies

"Vodka Cookies are a neat little boozy dessert full of character. I… More

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White Russian Pie

Looking for unexpected pie recipes from scratch? White Russian Pie is a… More

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Russian Layered Liver Cake

"Lets cook original snack which will make your holiday table brighter and… More

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Veal Pojarski

"Veal pojarski, a super tasty cutlet made of veal steak partly chopped and… More

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Traditional Russian Pancakes

"Russian pancakes (Blini) is one of the most traditional Russian dishes.… More

(1 Votes) 30 Min

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