A collection of turkey recipes, including Thanksgiving turkey recipes, fried turkey, grilled turkey, turkey stuffing, turkey rolls and more.

Turkey Primavera

Try something new on top of your pasta today! This turkey and veggie… More

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Slow Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

They say you can't rush art, and this Slow Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey is… More

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Wild Mushroom Stuffed Turkey Breast with…

The leek and wild mushroom stuffing for this roast turkey is full of… More

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Leftover Turkey Hash

Need a recipe for all of those leftovers? Leftover Turkey Hash is an easy… More

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Flavorful Turkey Chili

"What is the secret to making this scrumptious, flavorful chili? You… More

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Roast Turkey Breast with Smoked Sea Salt and…

Shake up your usual holiday menu with this recipe for Roast Turkey Breast… More

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Roasted Turkey

"Roasted Turkey is a savory and delicious staple recipe that every cook… More

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Leftover Turkey & Sprout Curry

"A ridiculously easy, mild and tasty curry that makes great use of festive… More

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Scalloped Turkey and Potatoes Provencal

Try this French-inspired recipe in which crusted turkey breasts are baked… More

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Instant Pot Turkey Chilli

Instant Pot Turkey Chilli. Let me introduce you to the best turkey chilli… More

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I love deep frying turkeys for a few reasons. First, it’s fast! It is… More

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Turkey Roulade

This mouthwatering Turkey Roulade makes the perfect addition to any… More

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Leftover Turkey Enchiladas

The aftermath of Thanksgiving dinner often leaves most people with too… More

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Turkey & Stuffing Air Fryer Egg Rolls

Making egg rolls in the air fryer is such a good idea! Turkey and Stuffing… More

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Turkey Burgers with Creole Gravy

This simple turkey burger recipe is served on slices of French bread with… More

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