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Foodie Reviews are reviews provided by our foodie panel. There are reviews of fantastic products such as gadgets and food, as well as reviews of cookbooks featuring easy casserole recipes.

Simpleware FLOW Cutting Board Review

The Simpleware FLOW Cutting Board is a revolutionary cutting board system… More

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Pourfect 1-2-4 Measuring Bowl Set Review

Pouring ingredients into my stand mixer is my least favorite part of using… More

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Polder 5 Piece Food Storage Set Review

Organization is difficult, especially in the kitchen. Containers are… More

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Duralex 5 Piece Storage Set Review

Food storage containers are one of the most important parts of your… More

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Global Grub Jerk Kit Review

Global Grub is making delicious dinners easier for you to make and enjoy… More

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Ohuhu Kitchen Scale Review

Perfect for recipes using exact measurements, the Ohuhu Kitchen Scale is a… More

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Casa Amarosa Oven Mit & Pot Holder Review

Celebrating diversity, Casa Amarosa's Oven Mitt & Pot Holder sets are… More

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The Dream Cookware Grand Prize Review

You have the opportunity to upgrade your whole kitchen with The Dream… More

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CDN ProAccurate Waterproof Meat Thermometer Review

The CDN ProAccurate Waterproof Meat Thermometer makes sure you cook your… More

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